EAW Motorcycle training was founded in 2002. With over 40 years motorcycling experience to draw from, Eric decided to set up his own training school. The business has grown mainly through recommendations and word of mouth. To date our furthest travelling recommendation brought us a trainee all the way from Edinburgh.

We are now Diamond Advanced Instructors and Examiners for Motorcycle Training so can now offer Advanced Motorcycle Training up to Diamond Standard.

Here we are now, many passes later. Striving to give our candidates the best training and advice possible, empowering them to get out and enjoy their motorcycling safely.

We don’t just teach you to pass a test, we teach you to ride a bike!

Just contact us if you require anything else in the way of motorcycle training which is not listed on our website.

Guaranteed Pass Scheme 
We offer a full range of courses to suit your every need